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Published on 11-02-2020



We work on a big update for our platform with more features like : revenue sharing, new contest will be launch, etc.


Stay stuned.


Regards, Vexa

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Published on 13-01-2020



All pending payments will be send soon.


Sorry for the delay.


Regards, Vexa


Vexa News
Published on 05-11-2019



Within next weeks we will make a hudge update on our platform with a lot of new features!


All this new features will make you more money.


We will add : 

- Revenue sharing features based on a true model and not ponzi 

- Paid to read mail feature

- and more like games, etc.


Don't forget you can make great profits with all our clics and clic walls, we have also hundread of active members ready for sale/rent


Have a nice week.


Regards, Vexa Corporation

Published on 26-09-2019



We have receive a lot of message for extend our contest. We do it for you.


Regards, Vexa Corporation

Referral and point contest live!
Published on 25-08-2019



For rank up in our contest here how you earn points : 



You earn :

- 10 point per dollars deposited (who can be used for buy/rent referrals or upgrade your account)

- 1 point per direct referral

- 0.30 point per paid to signup completed

- 0.20 point per forum post

- 0.10 point per clic


You earn more points with VIP statuts!


Happy earnngs


Regards, Vexa Corporation

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